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Ground-work for Islamization of India in meager $ 1 Trillion

Letter To Editor

Ground-work for Islamization of India in meager $ 1 Trillion
Hem Raj Jain


The Editor

Sub:- Ground-work for Islamization of India in meager $ 1 Trillion

Ref:- (i)-Islamic Banking controversy raked up by NCM has more than meets the eyes.

(ii)- Once ground-work is ready then conversion of almost half of Hindus to Islam can smoothly follow.

(iii)- Reservation to so called oppressed and backward castes has already made Hindus vulnerable to conversion.(iv)- Anti – FDI India and lack of political will to implement MNREGP has fatally damaged economic fabric of India.

(v)- Interest free loans under Islamic banking will catch the imagination of economically humble but politically important half of India

(vi)- Marginal farmers who are committing suicides in thousands will be the main target of Islamic Banking 

(vii)- Difference between equity capital and debt capital will be crucial in Islamization of India.

(viii)- Pragmatism of Muslims in not pressing the non-essentials will be the deciding factor.

Dear Sir or Madam:

The proposal from National Commission for Minorities (NCM) to permit interest-free banking - a variant of Islamic Banking where the Finance Ministry has asked the Reserve Bank of India to take a fresh look at the matter has much more than meets the eye and if handled properly by Indian Muslims then it may easily lead to conversion of almost half of Hindus in India to Islam, as explained below:-

(1)- This conversion will be in two stages. In first stage ground-work for Islamization will be prepared through Islamic Banking. In second stage conversion of half of Hindu India (which will be the beneficiary of this Islamic banking) to Islam will be smoothly carried out.

(2)- To be fair to Islam and Indian Muslims they deserve and have every right (including legal / constitutional) to convert half of India to Islam in view of the following:-

(i)- Because Hindus due to age old prejudices are adamant about either abolishing reservations which demoralizes its beneficiaries or about giving it to all, - unless majority of Hindus (who form the main productive force of Hindus but are so called Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes, Backward Castes, Other Backward Castes etc and therefore has inflicted self-demoralization on themselves and that too in a democracy where people's moral is the crucial factor) change their religion, the Hindu majority India has no future whatsoever. Therefore if Indian Muslims tries for this conversion of half of Hindus to Islam then it has a moral sanction too behind it.

(ii)- Due to lack of political will the implementation of employment guarantee program (MNREGP) is doomed because government of India does not have any Minister (including Rahul Gandhi, the king in waiting, who is busy showing himself on TV channels, carrying Tagari full of digged soil & stones on his shoulders) who will run this program departmentally with efficiency and in profit. With the result poverty in India is horrible and increasing, including appalling number of suicides in thousands by farmers in rural India.

(iii)- As if getting 122 licenses of 2G cancelled through Supreme Court (even Presidential refers has no mention of it) and loose talks about retrospective taxation laws were not enough, through the speech of Finance Minister Pranabh Mukherjee on the floor of Parliament in the presence of entire political class of India (including de-jure ruler Manmohan Singh and de-facto ruler of India Sonia Gandhi) that 'after all the FDI is merely 10 % of total investment hence why to bother about business sentiments' - the Indians have made a sure recipe for further economic non progress of India through huge foreign investments also.

(iv)- Otherwise also this huge FDI model was hardly alleviating the poverty of economically humble half of India (which is reflected in farmers suicide in thousands including in the State of Maharashtra which gives maximum tax revenue to Centre).

(v)- In a nut shell economically humble half of India is in need for economical and social emancipation and it is exactly here that Islam and Indian Muslims have become relevant.

(3)- This half of India can grow economically if ~ $ 1 Trillion is injected in India as given below:-

(i)- Out of India’s 1.2 Billion population Hindus are 1 Billion. Economically humble half of Hindus are 500 millions. If 4 to 5 persons are taken per family then ~ 115 million will be the beneficiary household of Islamic banking.

(ii)- These 115 millions households require financial assistance in varying degrees. These can be bifurcated in five categories of 40, 30, 20, 15 and 10 millions each. For these five categories if Rupees 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 Lakhs (hundred thousand) respectively of interest free loans are given through Islamic Banking then these 115 million households of Hindus will be through economically. This total financial burden comes out to be Rs 50 Trillion which is ~ $ 1 Trillion only

(4)- This $ 1 Trillion is peanut for middle east Muslims countries (Saudi Arabia etc) to invest (and even to forget for IMMEDIATE recovery especially if half of the Hindus can be converted to Islam).

(5)- As far money of terrorists & black money holders behind this Islamic banking, this issue has already been raised by black money agitation of Anna & Baba Ramdev where they are questioning the source of money of FDI which has already come in India. Therefore after this agitation or otherwise once this FDI issue is resolved then there should not be any special attention to the source of money in Islamic banking

(6)- Islamic banking does not have merely one greatest advantage of interest free loan to beneficiaries (because rising interest is also one of the reason for suicide of farmers) but these bankers can also take satisfaction from the fact that this is not equity capital which may face losses but it is debt which will remain secured even if its recovery may be delayed eternally.

(7)- The success of this ground-work for Islamization and then ultimately to conversion will crucially depend on four factors:-

(i)- Indian Muslims will have to show pragmatism or rather cunning in not pressing the Sharia element of Islamic Banking. Rather they will have to ensure that they some how succeed in making Indian State accept in form, the giving of interest free loans of ~ $ 1 Trillion Islamic money to these 115 million households of Hindus.

(ii)- These Islamic Bankers (operating under whatever name in India) should not show any hurry for the recovery of these loans. Because with no risk of loosing the charge on debtors assets, even if $ 1 Trillion is forgotten for few years then by any reckoning it is not a bad bargain for Islam, especially when half of Hindus can be converted to Islam, smoothly ( given logistic support from ~ 200 million Muslims across India).

(iii)- Invoking the right to freedom of religion in Indian constitution and in UN Covenant, which allows conversion except through physical coercion, will be crucial. In every conversion benefit is inherent hence Hindus cannot take the refuge in the bogey of 'conversion out of benefit'. Therefore Muslims will have to clamor legally and politically for right to conversion.

(iv)- This half of beneficiary Hindu population will certainly feel obliged towards Islamic Banking and which will prepare the ground-work for Islamization. But any overt and brazen persuasion regarding conversion to Islam of these beneficiaries will defeat the ultimate purpose of Indian Muslims, which is conversion of these beneficiaries to Islam. Therefore Indian Muslims and Islamic Bankers will have to keep quite, at least for few years, about their ultimate and legally permissible ( by Indian constitution and UN Covenant) goal of conversion of Hindus to Islam. 

It will be an extremely important global development to see that how adroitly Indian Muslims play their cards to bring this half of Hindu population in India to the fold of Islam. It will be doubly interesting for the simple reason that so far Hindus have been complaining that Muslims of India (including of Pakistan and Bangladesh who were part of Undivided India) were converted to Islam by physical coercion and violence by Muslim invaders and rulers. Therefore this non-violent and legally permissible mass conversion of Hindus to Islam will be an extremely important subject for the students of socio - political - economical disciplines world over.

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism') Minnesota, USA


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